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About Ghousia Food Products

Ghousia Food Products Pvt Ltd promoted by the management of Ghousia Fruit Company, leading fruit supplier in India. Ghousia is engaged in manufacturing of various fruit pulp concentrates packed in Aseptic and in cans with the help of the most modern machinery imported from Italy, Germany etc.

Ghousia has various quality certifications including ISO 22000:2005 and certification from FSSAI, Ministry of Food processing Industries, Government of India. Company with the commitment to excellence dedicated to total customer satisfaction by giving the right quality and at the right time. In house fully equipped lab with microbiological tests is an added advantage results zero defect product outflow. We also keep our environment eco-friendly and conforming all international standards to maintain factory and production being carried out with strict quality standards under very hygienic condition. At present we manufacture and export following products :

  • Alphonso Mango Pulp
  • Totaupri Mango Pulp
  • Totapuri Mango Concentrate
  • Kesar Mango Pulp
  • Raspuri Mango Pulp
  • Papaya Pulp and concentrate
  • Pineapple pulp and concentrate
  • Guava Pulp and concentrate
  • Sweetened Fruit Pulp in consumer pack


(Aseptic and in cans) Aseptic bags are being imported from Goglio, Italy and cans are also imported from China, by whom use tin plates made in Japan.

About Parent Company

Ghousia Fruit Company is our parent organisation, established in 1950 with the trading of Mango and other fruits. Now Ghousia Fruit Company is the leading fruit trader in India and supplies fruits to all major fruit processing Industries. Ghousia Fruit Company was  promoted  by Mr. Syed Ilyas Aga, one of the family members of  renowned AGA family from Ramnagaram , near Bangalore, South India, established their business  6 decades back. The company which has pursued excellence in all its endeavours is being one stop haven for all fruit needs is taking a momentous step towards a new age of quality and service guided by present anchor Mr. Syed Salahuddin Aga, elder son of the founder. Since inception, the company dedicated into the supply of quality fruits all over India where major quantities been supplied to fruit processors and to fresh fruit exporters.  Ghousia Fruit Company has own orchards, in specific to  make growing large number of farmers who always depend on finding the market for the produces at the standard price which avoids exploitation by several middlemen.  Ghousia helped hundreds of farmers to develop farms, farming, maintenance, irrigation, harvesting, technical know-how etc. in a systematic way which resulted enhanced production as well as a moderate realisation for their products.

Mango is one of the major quantity being handled by Ghousia, which comes about 150000 tonnes a year.  Though there are more than 100 varieties of mango being harvested, Alphonso, Malgoa, Totapuri, Benganappalli, Neelam, Mallika, Raspuri, Kesar varieties are traded in large quantity.  Quality, taste, flavour, appearance etc. of Alphonso is world famous and thousands of tonnes of  Farm fresh Alphonso Mango  being exported  worldwide,  since its taste is very much attracted and famous among foreign Mango lovers.  In addition to Alphonso;  Malgoa, Totapuri, Benganappalli, Neelam, Mallika, Raspuri, Kesar  varieties also  are exported  to Gulf Countries, Europe, America, Australia, Far east countries, Russia  etc. Since large Alphonso, Totapuri, Raspuri, Kesar Mangoes availability are in abundance those   are converted into Natural Mango Pulp and concentrates also by fruit processors which further exported. Precisely fruit and fruit products are one of the major foreign exchange earners to our Nation.

Ghousia Fruit Co has wide peasant partner network in four southern states viz Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

In addition to Mango, Ghousia established their presence in Apple, Grape, Orange, Banana, Pomegranate, Musambi and several Indian fruits which reaches to domestic and foreign consumers.   Ghousia has teams for handling products from farming to quality assurance and marketing, which ensures high quality and hygienic products, are distributed thereby earned high reputation and confidence among fruit processors and fruit consumers.

The story of Ghousia is not only their growth, but they brought up hundreds of farmers along with them resulted in the awareness of proper farming thereby high yield simultaneously maintaining its quality. Successors – present management – of Mr. Syed Ilyas Aga are always dedicated to farming, group farming, sourcing, distribution of high-quality fruits and Ghousia is one of the renowned names in Indian Fruit Distribution network and now Ghousia entered into manufacturing and export of value added products by offering high-quality products.  Our motto is to supply zero defect products at competitive price and sure of maintaining the standard of dealing in all area of our service.

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